Andras Lichtenstein

Res. Assist. András Lichtenstein

University of Szeged

András Lichtenstein is a junior lecturer at the University of Szeged and is specialized in Hungarian and comparative criminal procedure. He graduated in law with a major in criminal justice and holds a joint Master (LL.M.) in German law and legal translation from the Universities Potsdam and Szeged.

András is a regular active participant of the partners’ comparative programs (three-countries seminars in Gießen, Szeged, Konstanz and summer school in Istanbul). He published in Hungarian, English and German, has several award-winning papers (from the National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference and the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Szeged) and has been granted National Scholarships for Academic Excellence multiple times.

András is currently finishing his dissertation focusing on public prosecution systems in Europe, including the role and organisation of law enforcement agencies and police-prosecutor relationships. He is also committed to the new challenges and opportunities faced by criminal justice as a result of digitalization.