Erzsebet Molnar

Dr. Erzsébet Molnár

University of Szeged

Erzsébet Molnár is a senior assistant at the University of Szeged. She obtained his PhD degree in 2018. Her PhD dissertation deal with the special criminal liability of the head of a business organization. An expanded, revised version of her dissertation was published in 2020 as a monograph. In her researches she deal with the general part of criminal. The main area of her ineterst is a criminal law dogmatics, her professional interests include the objective conditions of criminal liability, the criminal quality of omission, special legal provisions, as well as criminal relations. In her studies, she deals with the criminal and private protection of trade secrets and the question of the universal applicability of the grounds for exclusion. She conducted her research in part in Germany (Osnabrück, Giessen, Konstanz). Actively take part in the talent management of students interested in criminal law, for this activity in 2016 awarded the Pro Discipuli Facultate award. From the beginning she has been a participant in the Dreiläder Seminars, first as a student and then as an instructor.