Nicolai Preetz

Res. Assist. Nicolai Preetz

University of Konstanz

Nicolai Preetz is a research assistant at the University of 
Konstanz/Germany and is specialized in Criminal Law, especially 
Digitalization and the Law. He graduated in law with special honors in 
2019 (1st German Juridical State Exam). At the University Konstanz he is 
currently working with Professor Wörner and conducting student classes 
on German criminal law. In his doctoral studies under Wörner’s 
supervision, he is focusing on criminal liability questions when 
applying AI, particularly taking into account the legal figure of 
allowed risk (“erlaubtes Risiko”). He was a speaker at the annual film 
festival “crime and punishment” in Istanbul 2019. Linked to that is his 
first publication (together with Liane Wörner) on “Darknet Criminal Law 
– Danger of Collusions by Way of Legislation” in the Journal of Penal 
Law and Criminology. Committed to the new opportunities and challenges 
the digitalization throws at us, Nicolai Preetz also focuses on 
historical origins of legal problems as they now strike us and current