During the Multiplier Event at the University of Konstanz on 11th and 12th May 2023, 10 different posters about the DIGICRIMJUS project were presented. To show the work in the DIGICRIMJUS project every project member had the chance to design a poster about their outputs and tasks.In total 10 posters were designed and printed in A0 format. They represented the project as such, with all his different elements in detail, e.g. the social media channels, the knowledge hub, the Dreiländerseminars, the lecture etc.  During the Multiplier Event at the University of Konstanz they were shown to the audience, especially the non-project members in an exhibition. The participants of the Multiplier Event had the chance to vote for the best poster taking into account criteria like clarity, content, innovation of the project idea, general impression and informative value. At the end of the event the winner was announced, which is the Poster “Vorlesung Digitalisierung und Recht”.  The visualisation of the project idea makes it understandable and interesting for others and helps to show the public the aim, outputs and the importance of the DIGICRIMJUS project. We received many commendatory reactions for the poster exhibition.