Zsolt Szomora

Prof. Zsolt Szomora

University of Szeged

Zsolt Szomora started his academic career in 2003, he has been full professor at the University of Szeged since 2018. His teaching activity covers substantive criminal law (general part and special part), criminal procedural law and constitutional issues of criminal law. He delivers courses in English and German language as well. In his research works, he focuses on diverse issues of substantive criminal law, especially sexual offences, the criminal law limitation to the freedom of speech and also the criminal law protection of intellectual property. He is a co-author of the Kluwer Commentary to the Hungarian Criminal Code of 2012 and has been the Chief-Editor of the well-known Hungarian legal journal “Case Notes” (Jogesetek Magyar√°zata) since 2014. He has been the Vice Dean for Education at the Law School of the University of Szeged since 2016.